Your Email: Έχετε το προνόμιο να ενημερώνεστε για τα καινούργια προιόντα που έρχονται στο κατάστημά μας, για αποτελέσματα αγώνων κ.λ.π.
The company Kiriakou S.A. is located in Thessaloniki in privately – owned facilities and specializes in sales of new and used machines intended for farmers and cattle breeders. In collaboration with the greatest companies of Europe such as krone, jf-stoll, luclar, sampierana, we offer the best solutions to the Greek farmers and cattle breeders.
Our long experience and our excellent specialized and skilled staff have put us in the first place. Our collaboration does not end with the purchase of a machine, as we stand beside the professional farmer with continuous support and service. Our products stand out for the high quality of their fabrication and also the used ones go through the mill of thorough controls in order to be delivered in the best possible condition.